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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Canon 100D bird photography

Canon 100D bird photography

Just some garden birds shot the Canon 100D and 55-250mm EF-S lens. Considering the price of this lens, I am very impressed with the sharpness that it produces. Focus can be a little on the slow side but overall, it's a very good medium telephoto lens.


 Golden Weaver bird. This industrious fellow has now built 6 nests in 2 trees in my garden in the hopes of attracting a female. A few females do come and inspect his work but they are extremely picky!

 African Dove
 Red Billed Quelea , Male . These gregarious birds are considered a farmers pest as they often flock in the hundreds of thousands destroying many hectors of cereal crops.
 Golden Weaver constructing nest 6 of 5!
Sparrow pair.

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