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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Living to Live

Living to Live: Its All About Process

I have recently been through a professionally challenging period in which my capacity has been stretched. As with anything that stretches and increases ones capacity, the gains are won through definite discomfort. Whilst feeling challenged I complained to my father, saying I wish I could fast forward this period; learn the lessons and increase my capacity, but skip the discomfort.  His response was forceful: “Don’t ever wish away your life!”
I am absolutely certain that anyone reading this article will be familiar with the feeling of suffering through some process in order to achieve some goal that is worth achieving. Whether it be painful workouts, reading through some textbook, or trudging through a very boring work day; suffering through an arduous process to enjoy the rewards is a very distinctive feature of most people’s everyday experience. This is in fact something some people view as a virtue, this ability to suffer through a painful process in order to enjoy the fruits that are eventually accrued through such endeavor.