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Saturday, 27 June 2015

Model car photography VW Golf GTI mk1

Model car photography
VW Golf GTI mk1

Just some random pics of a model Gti , taken with the Canon EOS-M and 22mm lens.


Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The greatest lesson I never learned - Umair Haque

The greatest Lesson I never learned 

I had many teachers, great and wise. Book by book, lesson by lesson, they taught me all I thought I needed to know. How to judge, what to understand, why to strive. Who to be, how to get, what to want.

I studied diligently, and grew. The lessons of my teachers saw me safely through storm and fury, heartbreak and triumph. I stood tall, strong, proud. A boy had become a man.

And yet. The more I knew, the less I understood. The more I had, the less I was. The more I won, the less I felt. And I did not know why.

The boy had become the man. But what was the meaning of the journey? What does it mean…to be here, alive, for a brief moment, underneath the endless stars?

The asshole factory - Umair Haque

The asshole factory 

My good friend Mara has not one but two graduate degrees. From fine, storied universities. Surprise, surprise: the only “job” she was able to find was at a retail store.
Hey—it’s only minimum wage, but at least she’s working, right? And at a major-league, blue-chip company, An American icon; an institution; a name every man, woman, and child in this country knows; an historic company that rings of the American Dream the world over, besides. Surely, if nothing else, it’s a start.
Perhaps you’re right. Maybe it isn’t the start she always dreamed of…but at least it is one. If so…then awaits her at the finish?
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Monday, 8 June 2015

Quran- The book that weeps

Quran: The Book That Weeps, Hidden Inside Its Shelf!

June 20, 2014 by Ro Waseem
The Quran is truly an amazing book. If there is one investment I have made that I will never regret in my life, it is the time I invested in understanding the Quran. The thing about the Quran is that it speaks to me like no other book I’ve read. Such is the magnificence of the book that there is never a hollow reading session; each time I walk away with some truly amazing insights I overlooked before. What makes this possible is that there are, at least in my opinion, infinite layers to the Quran. The more time you spend with it, the more it seems to give you. And so, as I went deeper into the Quran, I was just mesmerized by its structure, cohesiveness, and the metaphors it employs that reflect my being so precisely.

This life, this world...

This life, this world …

Model car photography Land Rover Defender

Model car photography 

Land Rover Defender – model car

Land Rover Defender, probably the most ubiquitous off-road vehicle in existence. Personally, I prefer a Toyota Land Cruiser  myself or a Nissan Patrol. 

Model cars- Alfa Romeo , 1959 Ford F1 and Morris LDV

Model cars- Alfa Romeo , 1959 Ford F1 AND Morris LDV

I may have become slightly obsessed with model cars! I already have 5 cars in a week and I want more…

Model car photography – El Camino and VW Beetle

Model car photography – El Camino and VW Beetle

Breaking into documentary photography –

Breaking Into Documentary Photography

How two brothers visited the world’s poorest countries and crowd-funded their debut photo book.

What is the purpose of life?

What is the purpose of life?

The purest thing I have ever seen...

Dr. Seuss, “keep your eyelids up and see what you can see.”
It's easy to feel down these days with everything going on around the world. There's an awful lot of negativity out there making the headlines. But in the words of the timeless Dr. Seuss, “keep your eyelids up and see what you can see.” You're sure to come across some beautiful things and plenty of stuff around you that are so pure that they're sure to cheer you up. Take time out to think about some of the purest things you've seen – those perfect, little things that always seem to lift you up and bring a smile to your face. Things that we so often take for granted when consumed by our every day lives. I've compiled a list of some of the purest things that I've ever seen. They're simple, they happen every day, and they don't cost a thing. I thank Allah for allowing me to see them, and I'll forever strive for them to be a part of my life.