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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Random Rumi quote . . .

  • Look at Love
  • Look at Love...
  • how it tangles
  • with the one fallen in love
  • look at spirit
  • how it fuses with earth
  • giving it new life
  • why are you so busy?
  • with this or that or good or bad?
  • pay attention to how things blend
  • why talk about all?
  • of the known and the unknown
  • for observe how unknown merges into the known
  • why think separately
  • of this life and the next?
  • when one is born from the last
  • look at your heart and tongue
  • one feels but deaf and dumb
  • the other speaks in words and signs
  • look at water and fire
  • earth and wind
  • enemies and friends all at once
  • the wolf and the lamb
  • the lion and the deer
  • far away yet together
  • look at the unity of this
  • spring and winter
  • manifested in the equinox
  • you too must mingle my friends
  • since the earth and the sky
  • are mingled just for you and me
  • be like sugarcane
  • sweet yet silent
  • don't get mixed up with bitter words
  • my beloved grows
  • right out of my own heart
  • how much more union can there be?

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Nissan Hardbody 2006 4x4

Just a small sampling of my Nissan truck. 2006 model 4x4 3.3 v6 petrol. Has a severe drinking problem! 6.5km per litre. (Not sure what that is in miles to the gallon but it's not very far!) Click images for large view

Apparently I was not supposed to be on this road, or so says the park rangers that chased me for 20 mins! 

Camera out the window shot.  
My cars cousin! 

Attempted HDR thing. 

Taking cover in a hail storm in the mountains 

On this day I learnt that mud and water are not impressed with your 4x4 and will not yield!

Took the guys at the car wash 30 mins with the power hose to get this off.