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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Car detailing - Some images

Some photos of cars that received the detailing treatment!

All cars were clayed first, washed down, given the SRP Autoglym treatment and Collinite waxed.
For more info on Autoglym, check this link out.

car detailing
Detailed Nissan

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Car detailing products - Collinite

A guest post on car detailing products by my good friend: 

Theres just something about a man and his machine, applying a wax by hand to your paint, knowing every curve and line on your cars body, something only a true petrol head will be able to identify with or understand. Its calming, therapeutic and the sense of self satisfaction admiring the glow on your paint after is priceless. Its art...

Which brings me to a quick review on each of these amazing waxes. For those who don't know,Collinite as a company has been around since 1936, they the Pioneers in good looking waxes that last longer and are more durable than any wax on the market.They outlast and outshine synthetic polymer sealants too.

The Three Musketeers:

Collinite wax

First up we have the ever popular No. 845 Insulator Wax. Its a heavy duty liquid wax that solidifies when temperatures are cooler. A good shake or placing it halfway into a bucket or basin of warm water for 5 minutes makes it liquid again. Its creamish in colour with a slight chemical scent, which I kinda like. Application is super easy and alittle goes a very long way. The shine it provides is very bright and glossy and I have gotten 4-5 months out of it before beading turned to sheeting. It was originally designed for electrical insulators, to protect them from fire, marine application(boats needing protection from sea salt), and ofcourse aircrafts like Boeings etc, so protecting your automotive paint should be a breeze :grin:It works brilliant on protecting mag wheels, lights and exhaust tailpieces as its designed for high temperature applications. This is the detailing worlds bargain! Read here: ... y-wax.html ... waxes.html

Next up we have Collinite Super DoubleCoat Auto Wax No. 476 . This is nicknamed the Permanent Auto Wax and is Detergent Proof. This wax outlasts any paste wax and sealant on the market-FACT. This product contains alittle more carnauba than 845 above as well as more synthetic polymers resulting isn a more serious wax that gives alittle more shine and twice the durability. It is a hard creamy paste wax with a slight chemical and coconut smell. Application is alittle harder than the other Collinites as expected from this almost bullet proof product. Use a damp applicator and apply thin, you should be okay.My can looked untouched after an antire SUV.

Image ... x-476.html

And finally the best for last, my favourite paste wax not just Collinite wax... No. 915 Marque D'Elegance . The name says it all...This is a top of the shelf product, Collinites beauty queen. It is almost as durable as 476 but with a wetness and depth that only a show car wax can produce. It has an almond, coconut scent and is proper top grade white carnauba refined from yellow grade. This wax has competed against waxes costing thousands of $ and come out on top as tested by Detailing World and many show car owners and professional detailers alike. My car washes easier, bird crap cannot penetrate my paint, this wax hates water and is hydrophobic, so water beads away in an amazing fashion. Best part is it shines 6 months later just like the day you applied it. This is the only show car wax in the world with durability and a detailing treasure! Most carnaubas will be dead in 2-3 weeks, some 2-3 months, 915 has been pushed 10 months! It contains more carnauba than 845 and 476 and it shows. ... -elegance/

Collinite waxes are pure waxes with no cleaners and they design, manufacture, package their own. This is proper top shelf stuff and not relabled, rebottled waxes of cheaper companies sold at higher prices. Collinites are thoroughbreds. The metal cans are as a result of these waxes being hand poured at extremely high temperatures and cooled for many many hours in a controlled environment and sealed to keep fresh and away from contamination. They spend their money on product, not girly packaging and over the top marketing. Most products now days are 90% hype, 10% delivery. Collinite is 90% delivery and 10% hype.

Best part is all 3 can be had for under R1000 which is a lifetime supply worth! All three will give you the wetness, depth, warmth, slickness you are looking for with unmatched protection and durability. Have to give credit where its due and yet there are not enough words or adjectives to fully give credit to a timeless classic. :hurray:

Durability 476>915>845

Ease Of Use 845>915>476

Looks 915>476>845

Now.. Which is your favourite Collinite???

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